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Our Specialities

We are specialize in EMI shielding, absorbing material and thermal interface material used for minimizing electromagnetic interference, solving problems related to electromagnetic waves for products such as mobile phone, PDA, Personal computers and the efficiency to remove heat from electronic devices to environment.

We are capable of giving professional advice and solution on EMI/EMC fields at all times. We are able to supply customized product according to customers’ specification.

Thermal Conductive Pad

Microwave Absorber

RF/EMI Shielding Portable Enclosures

RFID Absorber

Thermal Compound

Portable Shielding Enclosure

RF Foam Absorber

Thermal Conductive Tape

Forensic Pouches

Thermal Conductive Epoxy

RF Tape

Conductive PET Films

Fabric Over Foam Gaskets

NFC / WPC Absorber

Conductive Foam

Conductive Fabric Tape

Conductive Metal Foil Tape

Conductive Silicon Sealant

Conductive Paint

Silicon Gasket

Monel Wire Gasket

Extruded Conductive Rubber Gaskets

Molded Conductive Rubber

SMD Finger Stocks

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